What is informal customer feedback?

Informal Customer Feedback (ICF) refers to asking customers questions in a non-threatening, informal manner. Informal feedback could be gathered over a dinner or in a casual conversation, where the customer may feel freer to express his opinion.


Informal customer feedback must be acted upon in order to provide true value. Customers who see that their opinions are valued are more likely to do future business with the company.

Collecting Feedback

Before collecting feedback, consider what information you are looking for, such as product feedback or customer service-related feedback. Structure feedback for easier evaluation and implementation, and look for patterns.


Collecting customer feedback is important to the success of any business because it will show the company where they are succeeding, and where they need improvement. Advantages to informal feedback include quick response, quick collection and ease of implementing suggestions.


Some ICF can be acted upon immediately by any available staff member, such as moving items to a more accessible location. ICF can also require future correction or implementation, and should be written down for evaluation and to ensure it is acted upon.

Customer Relations

Improving customer relations and solving problems is essential for business success. According to a recent study, for every one complaint there are 25 other unhappy customers.