What is the importance of a customer service charter?

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A customer service charter or code of conduct formally defines what an organisation and its customers can expect from each other. It is an important tool for both organisations and their customers, and for regulators.

Importance for customers

The UK Institute of Customer Service says that a customer service charter enables customers to get the most out of an organisation's services. A charter provides a means for them to provide feedback and suggest improvements. It also helps them to complain if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of their interaction with the organisation.

Importance for Organizations

By facilitating communication with customers, a charter helps organisations to maintain or improve their quality of service. Having a charter presents an organisation as receptive to suggestions and even criticism, which enhances its reputation. A charter also gives a standard against which to measure employees' performance, and protects employees when dealing with difficult customers.

Importance for regulators

For public services and some industries, regulatory bodies ensure that customers are fairly treated. A customer service charter provides a clear framework against which complaints can be assessed.