What is the RDA for Cholesterol?

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The RDA, or recommended daily allowance of cholesterol stands at 300 mg. Certain foods contain much more than that with just one serving, so careful consideration must be made when selecting your daily diet.

Whole Eggs

Whole eggs typically contain 220 to 245 mg per egg. This is nearly your entire RDA, which means eggs should be avoided if cholesterol is a significant health factor for you.

Meat Products

Lean cuts of meat and chicken are recommended. Avoid processed meats like hot dogs and bologna, as well as fried and battered foods.

Milk Products

The term "fat free" is a winner with milk products. Skim and 1 per cent milk are highly recommended. Avoid whole milk and any type of sweetened milk.

Fruits & Vegetables

Eat fresh, frozen or dried fruits and vegetables. Even canned fruits are good if not accompanied by thick, sugary syrups. Be leery of any vegetable cooked in butter, creams or sauces.

Fats & Oils

Canola, olive and peanut oils rank among the highest recommended. While salad dressing and mayo are acceptable, butter and hydrogenated margarine are to be avoided.


Angel food cake, animal crackers and jello are very low in cholesterol. You should omit ice cream, potato chips and cookies from your diet.

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