Appropriate cash gift for a wedding

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After spending thousands of dollars on their nuptials, couples often prefer cash wedding gifts. Many couples establish a household together before marriage, and they aren't in need of traditional gifts like towels, dishes and sheets.

How close your relationship is to the pair determines what amount you should slip in the envelope, but you should never give more than your budget can handle. You can always supplement the gift with a nice dinner or other present to the couple at a later date.

Close Relatives

For close relatives of the couple--parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles--an appropriate amount is at least £65.

Distant Relatives

More distant relatives of the bride and groom, particularly if they are not in close contact with the family, should give a minimum of £32.

Relatives 18 and Younger

Young relatives aren't expected to provide a gift, as their parents present a gift as being from the whole family. But if the parents want to give a gift "from your little cousin," they can tuck an extra £6 in the card and have the child sign it.

Bridal Party

Those who have been chosen to be in bridal party represent a special relationship they have with a couple. Groomsmen and bridesmaids should contribute £65 each.

Best Man and Maid of Honor

These two people have a special place of honour in the bridal party. Their gift should be around £97.

Close Friends

Friends who are very close to the couple should give them at least £65.