Sofa cleaning costs

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People sit, sleep and eat on sofas. Since people spend so much time each day sitting on the couch, they should spend time and money cleaning them as well. Although you can complete this project yourself, furniture and carpet cleaning companies clean sofas fairly inexpensively.

The process not only removes dirt and stains, but also sanitises the sofa.

Average cost

Sofa cleaning costs vary depending on the fabric and size. Also, the more stains on the couch, the more professionals charge for cleaning the stains. In 2014, however, the average sofa costs between £18 and £45 for a professional to clean. Prices at the lower end of this scale are typically introductory offers dependent on also having carpet cleaning carried out on the property.

Do it yourself

DIY centres and even some supermarkets sometimes have carpet and upholstery cleaners available for hire. Upholstery steam cleaners typically cost about £20 to £35 per day to hire. Cleaning a sofa takes no longer than a few hours. If you have the time and the desire to clean your sofa yourself, it may cost less than hiring a professional to do it for you.

Complimentary services

Most carpet cleaning companies also clean furniture and upholstery. Sometimes they charge one blanket price for the entire room, which includes furniture and carpet. Other times, companies run specials adding sofa cleaning for free with a full-house carpet cleaning.

Dirt prevention

Keeping sofas free of dirt begins when you buy the furniture. Make sure you pick a stain-resistant fabric like polyester or even wool. If you choose a difficult-to-clean fabric, have the sofa treated with stain-resistant spray. You can buy spray cans at furniture shops, but expect to reapply every few months because it wears off due to use.


Another consideration, besides cost, when hiring a sofa cleaner, is the type of chemicals they use. Not only do some harsh cleaning chemicals harm the environment, they also bother people with allergies and those with sensitive lungs. Professionals who do use environmentally friendly products, however, sometimes charge on the higher end of the price-range scale.