European size conversion for jeans

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Jeans are a staple in every American wardrobe. Dressed up or down, they are comfortable and always chic. When shopping in Europe, be aware that the sizes are different than those in America. What's more, the United Kingdom has a separate sizing system from the rest of Europe.

Women's jeans (European)

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European women's jeans sizes roughly compare to American women's jeans sizes, ranging from 34 to 46. As a general rule of thumb, add 34 to your American size to determine your European size. Of course, it's best to try on any pants before purchasing. US Size 0 = European Size 34; US Size 2 = European Size 34/36; US Size 4 = European Size 36/38; US Size 6 = European Size 38/40; US Size 8 = European Size 40/42; US Size 10 = European Size 42/44; US Size 12 = European Size 44/46.

Men's jeans (European)

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Men's jeans sizes are also different in Europe than America. Generally, men should add 16 to 18 to their American jean size to arrive at their European size. US Size 30 = European Size 46; US Size 32 = European Size 48; US Size 34 = European Size 52; US Size 36 = European Size 54; US Size 38 = European Size 56; US Size 40 = European Size 58.

Women's jeans (UK)

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The UK has its own method of sizing clothes. Women will usually had 2 to their American size to find their British size. US Size 0 = UK Size 2; US Size 2 = UK Size 4; US Size 4 = UK Size 6; US Size 6 = UK Size 8; US Size 8 = UK Size 10; US Size 10 = UK Size 12; US Size 12 = UK Size 14.

Men's jeans (UK)

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Like in America, men's jeans in the UK are sized according to a man's waist and inseam measurements. These measurements are taken in inches, so generally men should wear the same size in the UK as they do in the United States. To be sure the fit is right, customers should try on trousers before buying them.

European jean companies

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Customers also will discover different jean manufacturers in Europe than the United States. Popular brands include Diesel and Energie (Italy), Cheap Monday (Sweden) and Mavi (Turkey). Jeans tend to have a tighter fit in Europe, and Americans may need to try several sizes and styles to find the perfect pair.