Pregnant cat & flea treatments

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When a cat is pregnant, there are some chemicals found in flea medications and insect repellents that may harm the unborn kittens. Find out exactly what is in any kind of repellent or medication before applying or giving it to your pregnant cat.


Veterinarian James Glover believes that any chemical-based flea treatment can be hazardous to a pregnant cat. Using a simple flea comb can be the best way to combat fleas while your cat is pregnant. However, this can take a little more effort and time than using repellents. Use a fine-tooth comb and drop any fleas you pull out into a bowl of warm soapy water. The soapy water will quickly kill the fleas, and your cat will love the extra attention she gets while you comb her.

Topical Flea Repellents

Advantage Flea Control is applied to the back of a cat's neck. It can provide up to one month of flea control per application. It kills flea larvae, which will break the fleas' life cycle. According to, Advantage is safe to use on pregnant or nursing cats.

The active ingredients in Frontline Plus are fipronil and methoprene, and it is also applied topically once a month. It kills adult fleas and ticks, along with preventing flea larvae and eggs from growing into full grown fleas. Frontline Plus is approved for pregnant cats.

Revolution uses selamectin as the main ingredient, according to This topical repellent kills flea eggs and adult fleas, and helps to prevent heartworm and ear mites. It also safe to use on pregnant cats.

Oral Medication

Capstar is an oral medication that kills adult fleas within 30 minutes. The active ingredient is nitenpyram. According to it is safe to give to pregnant cats.


Flea control foggers are another way to rid your home of fleas and flea larvae. When a fogger is being used in the home, all animals and humans must leave, typically for two to three hours.


Daily vacuuming and frequent washing of the cat's bedding in hot water will also help to rid your house of fleas and keep your cat flea-free. Keep your cat indoors so she will not be reinfested with more fleas.