Free government grants for cancer patients

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For those suffering with cancer the cost of medical treatment can obviously add more stress and burdens to an already difficult and challenging situation. Even with health insurance, cancer patients can still end up paying out of pocket for treatments that are not entirely covered by their insurance plans. This can in turn bring even greater grief to persons battling their cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Grants

Fortunately there are grants available to help cancer patients pay for and cover their medical expenses. Whether the patients have health coverage or not, these grants are made available to people who qualify. And with the medical cost of cancer treatments skyrocketing these grants can help to alleviate unnecessary pressures on cancer patients who are already dealing with enough physical and emotional pressures because of their illness.

National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society Grants

One of the places that people can go to in order to find grants for cancer treatments and related medical costs is the National Cancer Institute. It is a great resource for finding whatever government grants are available for individuals in need of financial assistance. It is an excellent site for all kinds of information relating to cancer for patients and researchers alike. The American Cancer Society also provides information on grants available for cancer patients to assist them with covering their medical costs.

Komen Foundation Grants

Another resource that provides grants for cancer patients is the Komen Foundation. This foundation provides financial assistance in the form of grants for breast cancer patients to receive treatment through the Greenebaum Cancer Center of the University of Maryland. They assist breast cancer patients financially who need treatment through their cancer centre. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America also provides financial assistance for patients who need help in covering their medical costs.


There is also the option of applying for state grants to cover medical costs through Medicaid. Each state has a Medicaid office through which you should be able to access an application to apply for medical grants to help pay for medical treatments. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), special provisions are made for patients who specifically suffer with breast and cervical cancer. Patients with these particular forms of cancer can apply for grants to assist them with their cancer treatments.

Lance Armstrong Foundation Grants and Elsa U. Pardee Grants

Then there is the Lance Armstrong Foundation which provides grants to help individuals to pay for their health care services in the battle against cancer. Another foundation that assists cancer patients with paying for their medical costs for cancer treatment is the Elsa U. Pardee Foundation. These foundations are renowned for providing financial assistance to cancer patients with limited finances so that they can cover their medical bills due to treatment.

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