Lipotrim Dangers

Lipotrim is a meal-replacement diet available only in Ireland and Great Britain. This hasn't seemed to affect its popularity. Many people tout its insistence on a pharmacist's and doctor's consultation in helping the patient along with the diet. Others point to the large amounts of weight users have lost on the diet.

However, few people focus on the dangers of Lipotrim, a liquid diet that is not available in the United States with good reason.

Liquid-Diet Dangers

Lipotrim is a liquid diet and as such has many dangers. First, such diets put the body in starvation mode, according to a report out of Vanderbilt University (Reference 1). The body's metabolism slows and it uses up muscle mass. This can cause cramping, constipation and dizziness. Gallstones and irregular heartbeats are other symptoms that arise, due to malfunctions in producing bile and electrolyte imbalances respectively. The body does not get the proper nutrition from a liquid diet; humans were meant to process both liquid and solid foods.

Crash-Diet Dangers

Liptotrim is also a crash diet, one that has users radically reducing caloric intake. This shocks the body and also results in a starvation-mode response, i.e., depletion of lean muscle mass and slowed metabolism. Crash diets also have a high rate of failure, as the body cannot maintain itself on the low-calorie load. Thus, even an upgrade to a healthy calorie level will cause weight gain.

Known Side Effects

Lipotrim has known side effects that include headaches, constipation and lethargy. On a Lipotrim website, these are said to be "temporary discomforts" that will dissipate as the diet wears on. However, these symptoms are also the signs of malnutrition. Hunger pains are another known side effect.

Ketosis Dangers

Ketosis is touted as the vehicle by which the Lipotrim diet works. The low caloric intake induces ketosis, a state where the body uses first protein and then stored fat for energy. The problem, however, is that ketosis is not a state that the dieter can maintain for long. Doing so causes undue stress on the kidneys, which are filtering the excess ketones out of the bloodstream.

Emotional Danger

Like many diets that leave the dieter starving, weak and constipated, Lipotrim results in a very cranky dieter. Such a disposition can lead to actions based on impulse and the making of some very bad decisions.