Weight Training Diet Tips

Healthful Foods

Dieting is an extremely important part of weight training. If one doesn't eat the right kinds of foods, he will not achieve a lean, muscular look. Weightlifters should maintain a diet high in protein and low in fat. Frequency of meals is also and important element.

The Right Type Of Diet

People who want to achieve a lean, muscular look from their training should eat foods high in protein and low in fat. A muscle is made up of water, energy and protein. Carbohydrates provide energy for muscle growth, but one should avoid eating junk food carbohydrates that are rich in fat. Complex carbohydrates are recommended such as brown rice, yams, potatoes, oatmeal and wheat. Also, limit the breads and the alcohol. Despite spending countless hours at the gym, people who do not eat the right foods will not become lean and muscular.

A Recommended Diet For Weightlifters

Anyone who works with free weights usually does cardiovascular exercise as well. But training is only part of the equation. The weightlifter also needs to maintain a proper diet. Growth occurs when one is at rest, not in the gym.
Though most people eat three meals per day, the weightlifter requires more calories and protein. That should not be achieved by eating larger meals because it's bad for the digestive tract. Those who are serious about their fitness should eat five to six meals per day. A pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. If a person eats 7,000 calories above their required intake for maintaining body weight, they will gain two pounds that week. About 1 to 2g per each kilogram of body weight is a good target for protein intake. Those who work out need to eat foods high in lean protein, high in complex carbohydrates and low in fat. Eating a lot of vegetables is also critical. Vegetables have natural enzymes that aid digestion. These vegetable enzymes will help break down the protein and carbohydrates as well. Protein and carbohydrate foods do not contain their own enzymes. Fruits are also important but should be limited to one to two times daily.
Eating five to six meals a day should keep the weightlifter fairly full. Thus, they will be less apt to eat junk food. Still, it is important to consume certain foods with each meal. A lean protein and complex carbohydrate are recommended for each of the meals. One meal should be eaten every two to three hours. Eating more times per days helps to increase metabolism in the body, which aids in burning fat. Some examples of meals include the following: Meal 1: Oatmeal and egg whites Meal 2: Tuna, pasta and a leafy green vegetable Meal 3: Chicken, brown rice, a red vegetable, one fruit Meal 4: Chicken, yam or potato and a yellow vegetable Meal 5: Turkey, peas and one fruit Meal 6: Almonds, small helping of grain or corn

There are many variations to the above diet. For example, chicken can be eaten during most meals as a lean protein. And there are many types of nuts that can be eaten for protein as well. Beans can sometimes be substituted as a protein. And bodybuilders will often drink a protein shake for their last meal and eat one complex carbohydrate.
Following are some other complex carbohydrates: Pasta Pita bread Buckwheat Pinto beans Cornmeal Barley Maize Brown rice can always be eaten several times per day. Try to limit the breads as they tend to turn to fat easier. As for protein, lean minced meat can be eaten at times, but limit it to once or twice per week.
Timing meals in the morning, evening and after workouts are other considerations. The first meal of the day should be eaten within one hour of waking up. This will keep the blood sugars in the body at an even level. And one should stop eating several hours before bedtime because some of the food would turn to fat. After working out, make sure a protein is consumed within the first 45 minutes or hour. This will ensure proper recovery after workout.


It is important for the weightlifter to get most of their calories from foods. But supplements can help the weightlifter add protein and other required nutrients to his diet. There are a number of protein supplements on the market. Whey protein has the highest amount of protein in it and is preferred by bodybuilders. But egg proteins from egg whites is one of the highest quality proteins out there. People with gluten allergies can use rice and pea protein. Vitamins are also essential for health. The soil is not what it used to be, so some vegetable nutrients are lost because of it. Also, cooking can kill some of the nutrients. The microwave is even worse. Multivitamins can be used to achieve the proper intake of vitamins and minerals. Calcium and vitamin C are important for muscle growth and should be taken regularly. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant. Also, older weightlifters should consider a Chondroitin and Glucosamine supplement for their joints. Drink a lot of water as well.

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