How to Increase Catalase Production

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Catalase is an enzyme found in all manner of organisms, including humans. Catalase does little more than catalyse the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, but it does this with near-perfect efficiency, making it a very powerful antioxidant.

Scientists believe that by removing peroxides from the body, catalase may prevent the effects of ageing.

Buy dietary supplements that contain catalase. Such products include Go Away Gray; Biotec Foods' Ageless Beauty, Antioxidant & Enzyme Supplement; and Biotics Research Bio-B 100.

Take the supplements according to the indications on the labels, paying close attention to the other ingredients to ensure you don't ingest anything harmful or overdose on any nutrients. If you experience adverse effects, stop taking the supplements.

Buy melatonin supplements. Some scientists believe the hormone melatonin helps cells create catalase.