Isoprinosine Side Effects

Image by, courtesy of Charles Williams

Isoprinosine is commonly used as an immune stimulator for AIDS, herpes and cancer. Isoprinosine is known as a "nucleoside" which is one of the most basic compounds that makes up cells in the body. As with any medication, some side effects may be experienced from Isoprinosine use.

A doctor should be consulted before beginning a regiment involving Isoprinosine. This medication is available in many countries, however, it has not yet been approved for use in the United States.


Isoprinosine has an immunomodulatory effect as well as antiviral properties. This medication is used to treat acute as well as chronic viral infections. According to, "Isoprinosine acts on the immune system to restore impaired cell-mediated immune response to its baseline level, in addition to enhancing humoral immune response. The drug also has a direct antiviral activity. Isoprinosine can reduce the intensity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the viral infection."

Side Effects

Isoprinosine is generally well-tolerated in users. However, there is a possibility of experiencing side effects while using Isoprinosine. Some common side effects associated with Isoprinosine use are itching, dizziness and digestive problems. An example of a digestive problem would be having slight stomach pains or feeling full after ingesting only a small amount of food. People who take ribavirin with Isoprinosinea may experience a drop in white blood cell counts.


Some individuals may experience allergic reactions to Isoprinosine. Some possible allergic reactions to Isoprinosine include but are not limited to breathing problems, tightness in the chest or throat, skin hives, rashes, chest pain and itchy skin. A doctor should be consulted and use should be halted immediately if any allergic reactions are experienced.


A proper schedule of Isoprinosine use should be designed by a doctor as dosage requirements vary between individuals and by condition. No more or less than the recommended dosage should be taken at any given time. Isoprinosine is available in 500mg tablet form. The typical dose is 50mg per kg of body weight per day divided evenly throughout the day.


This medication should not be used by children, care should be taken to keep Isoprinosine out of reach of children. This medication should be kept away from heat and moisture as they have been known to break down the medicine causing it to not work the way it should. This medication should not be taken by individuals with gout or those with a predisposition of developing gout.