The dangers of primobolan

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Primobolan is a trade name for a drug called methenolone. Methenolone is a synthetic anabolic steroid. It comes in pill form or as an injection. Primobolan is a banned substance unless a doctor writes a prescription, which they may do for hormone deficiencies and aplastic anaemia.

The United States Food and Drug Administration does not approve of the sale or use of Primobolan. Side effects are life threatening, effecting major organs and the nervous system.

Reproductive System

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When Primobolan is taken, the male reproductive system sees a decrease in testicle function. Impotence, sperm count reduction and decreases in libido are all side effects from the banned steroid. Decreases in libido occur in both men and women. In women, Primobolan reduces the creation of eggs necessary for reproduction. Primobolan has become a sought after banned substance in the weightlifting community because of its weight loss side effect.


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Primobolan attacks the liver by heightening enzyme levels rapidly and excessively. When enzymes are heightened, jaundice occurs in heavy users of the banned steroid. Primobolan causes Peliosis Hepatis. Cysts can form on the liver, causing the liver not to function efficiently. When the liver is not working properly toxins remain in the body, making the person extremely sick. Liver damage is not reversible and a person cannot live without a liver.


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Heavy users of Primobolan will experience numerous life threatening side effects. Heart side effects include elevated blood pressure, angina and weakening of the heart muscle. Prolonged use of Primobolan can cause a heart attack or stroke. Normal functioning of the heart ceases with Primobolan use. The rapid increase in muscle mass and drastic weight reduction puts stress on all the major organs of the body. The steroid acts like a shock to the body.

Nervous System and Digestive Tract

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Primobolan shocks the nervous system of the user, causing neurological symptoms that are self-destructive. Adverse neurologic side effects include mood swings, hallucinations, mania and depression. Taken in high doses, Primobolan will cause vomiting and gastric irritation. The stomach and the intestine of the user will become inflamed, causing frequent bowel movements. As a direct result of stomach irritation, the user will not be able to keep food in the stomach. Shocking the body is not a healthy way to lose weight.