Types of bidets


Bidets are not commonly found in bathrooms in the United States, which is odd considering Americans' preoccupation with cleanliness. The purpose of a bidet is to cleanse the private areas of the body. However, it can also be used as a sitz bath if you suffer from haemorrhoids or a foot bath.

Bidet is the French term for pony. This term is used for this appliance because it refers to sitting astride as if you were on a saddle, according to Kiedel.com. The bidet has been around since 1710. It originated in France. At the time, people only bathed once a week so a bidet was used to cleanse the genital areas in between baths. Up until the 1900s, the bidet was situated in the bedroom alongside the chamber pot.


There are four types of bidets including the over-the-rim model. This model is fitted with a standard facet. The bidet bowl is filled exactly the same way that you fill a sink. This version is the simplest type to install and the least expensive, according to Kiedel.com. This model features a rimless bowl, which makes it easy to clean.

Heated Rim (Flushing Rim)

The second type of bidet is the heated rim (flushing rim), which has hot/cold handles on the top. The water enters the bowl below the rim of the basin.

Spray Model (Horizontal or Vertical Spray)

The third version is the spray model. This one is popular because it provides a gentle shower. You can choose from two types of spray including the horizontal spray, which delivers a horizontal stream of water, or the vertical spray. The later consists of a foundation jet situated in the centre of the bowl. One thing that a consumer needs to know when buying a spray bidet is that there is a risk of water contamination from the back siphonage that is created by spray fittings. If you are buying a spray bidet, make sure that it is installed complete with a back-flow prevention device. Don't try to install this yourself. Get a professional plumber to do it. You also need to consult with your local building codes, according to Kidel.com, before installing this type of bidet.


The fourth type of bidet is the combination model that features both the vertical spray option and a heated rim.

Other Options

The standard bidet is 15 to 15.5 inches tall and is mounted to the floor. If you like a higher seat, a combination toilet/bidet is a great choice. Some people prefer the combination toilet/bidet because it has a seat, which the standard bidet doesn't have. Furthermore, if you have limited mobility due to your age or an injury you won't have to move from the toilet to the bidet. This toilet, when mounted to the wall, can be adjusted from 15 inches high to 19 inches high, whichever best suits you.

How To Use It

When you use a bidet, you sit on it with your legs astride, facing the faucet. Essentially, you are sitting exactly the opposite way that you sit on a toilet. Turn on the water after you've sat down. Adjust the spray and temperature to your personal preference. You can direct the stream of water to the areas that need cleansing. According to Bidetoo.com, you need to position your butt inside the basin, directly over the jet spray.


Some bidets are designed with seats, just like a toilet. The controls for the spray are either on the front, side or the rear of the unit. You might consider installing a mounted wall grab-bar to assist the user in getting up and down.

Consider which option you would like best. A bidet with a wide, rounded ledge will provide the most comfortable seat, especially for a large person. When installing it, or having it installed, make sure that you leave ample room at the sides for your legs and room at the back for your knees. It is suggested, at least for some models, that you leave a gap of at least four inches between the wall and the back of the bidet.