How to Install Unmolded Auto Carpet

Installing unmoulded auto carpet is not as hard as it seems. Moulded auto carpet is easier to install since it already holds the shape of the dents, bumps and dips in the floor of the vehicle. Moulded auto carpet is also more expensive than unmoulded auto carpet.

Install an unmoulded auto carpet and get the carpet you want into your vehicle without paying a high price.

Remove the seats and seat brackets from the car. Most seats have one bolt at each corner of the seat bracket on the floor. The rear seats can be unbolted at the bottom, or popped out from the clips holding the seat down. Remove the seat belts if they are in the way of the carpet. Seat belts have one bolt in the floor and one bolt at the top. Only the floor bolts need to be removed.

Take out trim and kick panels, door sills and console pieces that are attached to the floor. These are usually attached with bolts or screws. Some screws are surrounded in a plastic ring. To remove these unscrew the screw and then pop the ring out with a flat screw driver.

Remove the old carpet. Leave the padding under the carpet in place if your vehicle has it and it is not damaged. Lay the old carpet down to use it as a template for the new carpet, if the new carpet is not cut to fit your car.

Cut the new carpet to the approximate size of the old carpet, leaving the new carpet slightly larger. Cut out large openings, slits or holes in the new carpet, using the old carpet as a guide. You can also mark the new carpet with chalk and wait to cut it once it is in the car.

Install the new carpet by starting in the front and centre of the floor of the car. Get the front of the carpet in place and start at the centre to smooth out all wrinkles and bumps. Screw and bolt all of the items to the floor that were removed, starting at the front of the car.

Trim the edges of the carpet to fit the floor. Use a utility knife to cut a straight edge before installing the carpet under the kick panels and door sills. Make any holes that were not made in the carpet already.