Ceiling Fans and Grinding Noises

Ceiling fans are a common way to cool rooms without using a central air conditioner. These fans help to move air throughout a room, which is often essential when you are growing plants indoors. Though ceiling fans are typically low maintenance, there may come a time when you need to troubleshoot your ceiling fan. Grinding noises can indicate a few different problems. Take a few minutes to diagnose and correct.

Visually inspect the fan. After you turn it on, see if the fan is wobbling or something looks loose on it. Tightening screws or adding a balance weight to a fan blade can help to silence the noise.

Remove the light fixture. Unscrew the globe, bulbs and the light fixture itself. Turn on the fan to determine if the noise still occurs. If it does not, carefully reinstall the light to correct the problem.

Unscrew the fan blades. Turn on the fan and listen to the motor. While the motor is spinning, look for any screws or metal touching it and causing a noise.

Turn off the fan. Spin the motor with your hand to determine if the noise is inside the motor. You may need to add oil to the bearings or replace the motor if the problem is significant.

Check all screws in the ceiling. Any small piece of metal or loose screw can create noise. Tightening screws and giving your fan a thorough inspection can help to eliminate future noise.

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