How to Setup a Casio Cash Register Model PCR-202

Updated February 21, 2017

Casio is a major manufacturer of cash registers geared towards small-to-medium sized businesses. The PCR-series of cash registers are self-contained and are designed to be quickly set-up without needing large business IT resources with specialised accounting or computer skills. Setting up a Casio PCR-series cash register involves installing some supplies like batteries and determining some initial settings.

Load the memory protection batteries and a paper roll. Open the battery compartment cover and insert two new AA batteries. Close the cover. Install the included paper roll by lifting up the printer arm and dropping the roll into the cavity.

Initialise the Casio by inserting the supplied key and turning it to the "Off" position. Then plug the power cord into a wall outlet.

Follow the instructions on the printed paper output to make some initial settings like language, and date and time. For example, press "0" to choose English and then press the "CA/AMT TEND" key. Set the date and time by following the same process. Read the instructions and codes of the printed tape.

Set the tax rate. Turn the key to the "PGM" position and enter "3" plus the "Sub Total" key. Enter "1" for tax table number one, followed by the "Tax PGM" key. Enter your tax rate, for example, 6.75 followed by the "CA/AMT TEND" key, to set add-on rounding. Then press "Sub Total" to end tax programming.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 AA batteries
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