How to Make Older Venetian Blinds Open & Close More Easily

Updated February 21, 2017

Venetian blinds use horizontal slats that fit together tightly to prevent light from peeking in. These blinds come in many colours and a wide variety of materials such as aluminium, vinyl, wood, or faux wood. Venetian blinds can wear down after awhile and may not function properly. It is possible to make minor repairs to your Venetian blinds to help them open and close easier.

Fix the tilt wand that turns the slats to make them open or closed if it is not operating properly. To repair the tilt wand with the slats closed and facing down, twist the tilt wand counterclockwise as you are tugging downward on the rear string of the ladders that holds the slats. Turn the wand clockwise and lightly pull down on the front string of ladder if the slats are closed and facing upwards. If this does not open the blinds, you may need to replace the tilt wand.

Replace the tilt wand by removing the metal end brace from the head rail on the same side as the tilt wand. Pop the end brace off with a flat screwdriver. The head rail is the long metal piece that holds the blinds and the end brace cover is at the end of the head rail.

Pull out the C-clamp with needle-nose pliers from between the drum and the metal rod in the head rail. The clamp prevents the rod from moving.

Unhook the tilt wand from the end of the metal rod or tilt rod. Open the head rail up with pliers at the end where the tilt wand is. Pull out the tilt wand with needle-nose pliers.

Push the front lip of the new tilt wand into the grooves on the end of the metal tilt rod. Replace the C-clamp and close up the head rail with pliers. Operate the blinds to make sure they work correctly.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Pliers
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