Mazda5 radio removal

Updated March 23, 2017

The Mazda5 is a minivan built on a sedan platform. As such, the Mazda 5 has many of the same characteristics as the lines of cars that the company has to offer, including the method by which the factory installed stereo can be removed. You can remove the radio even if you have little previous car audio experience.

Safety First.

Before you remove the stereo or make any changes to components that are connected to the electrical system, you must first disconnect the negative battery cable from the Mazda's battery. The negative battery cable connects the battery to the frame of the vehicle for the purpose of grounding the electrical system.

Making changes involving the electrical system without first disconnecting the negative battery cable can result in an electrical short.

Make sure that once the negative battery cable is disconnected from the battery that you rest the cable away from the battery to avoid any accidental reconnection.

Gaining Access to the Radio.

To access the radio in the Mazda5, you must remove the dashboard panels below the stereo mounting dock. To remove those panels you will need to first disassemble the gear selector covering.

The gearshift knob can be unscrewed from the gear selector lever by hand. Once you remove it, you can pull the trim panel that surrounds the lever from the centre console by hand with a slight amount of force. The leather bag that hides the mechanical apparatus of the lever will be removed with the trim panel.

Once the knob and trim panel are removed you will have access to the Philips head screw near the rearward most edge of the exposed gear selector unit. Remove the screw with a Philips head screwdriver.

On either side of the centre console, in the footwell of the driver's and passenger's sides, are panels that can be removed by hand. Grab the panels at the corners nearest to the seats and pry them away from the dashboard. There will be single Phillips-head screws revealed that need to be removed.

To access the screws that hold the stereo into that stereo mounting bracket, you will need to move the centre console trim panel. Grab the panel on either side of the climate control knobs and pull it toward the rear of the vehicle.

Removing the Radio.

With all of the panels removed you will be able to see the two screws that hold the radio in the stereo mounting dock. Remove the screws with a Philips head screwdriver and pull the radio away from the dashboard.

The radio will still be connected to the vehicle by the stereo wiring. Pull the wiring from the radio to free the unit from the vehicle. There will be four groups of wires connected to the radio: the antenna, the power supply cable, the speaker wires (grouped together in a plastic binder), and the patch cables that connect the amplifier (also grouped). Make sure to grab the patch cables and speaker wires by the plastic binders when you disconnect them from the radio.

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