How Do I Lock My Samsung Keyboard Cell Phone?

Many Samsung phone models have full QWERTY keyboards to make sending messages and e-mails faster and easier. Unfortunately, there is the possibility of accidentally pressing a button while the phone rests in your pocket. To address this potential concern, you can lock the keypad, rendering the buttons inactive until they are purposely unlocked. If privacy and security are a concern, you can even instruct your device to require an additional code to successfully unlock the keypad. Every Samsung cell phone is made with different features and keyboard configurations, but the method of locking and unlocking the keys is always similar.

Dedicated Button

Many Samsung phones are built with a dedicated button whose sole purpose is to lock and unlock the keys. This button is usually indicated by a small padlock symbol, and is most often found on the side of the device or in one of the bottom corners of the QWERTY keyboard. To lock the keys on your phone, simply press and hold the padlock button for two or three seconds until the screen backlight dims and the same small padlock symbol appears on the screen. To release the keys, press and hold the button again until the screen brightens and the locked symbol disappears. Some phone models require you to press the padlock button once, followed by another key such as the pound sign or asterisk.

Shared Button

Some Samsung phones incorporate the keyboard locking function into another button, typically the red "end call" button. If your phone is designed in this manner, the red button will also have the small padlock on it. Locking the phone with this shared multipurpose button is identical to those phone models with dedicated lock buttons; press and hold the red button until your phone’s screen dims and the locked symbol appears. However, those phones that are locked with the shared "end call" button are not unlocked in the same manner. Most often, the power button must be pressed once, which brings up an unlock dialogue that must be followed with the press of the pound sign or asterisk button.

Automatic Lock

Samsung phones contain a feature that allows you to choose a specific length of time that must pass before the keyboard is locked from non-use. The inactivity duration choices usually range from 30 seconds to several minutes, after which time the keys will automatically be locked. To use the phone afterward, you must press a specific button or button sequence to release the keys.

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