Homemade wooden go carts

Updated March 23, 2017

A wonderful pastime for adults and children alike is riding go carts. While you can go to amusement parks that offer go carts, making a homemade version is not difficult. The hardest step is finding the materials that you will need to build the go cart. The wood is not the difficult material, it is the wheels and axles that take a little more hunting. Old strollers, tricycles or bicycles are good places to start.


When making your go cart, make sure that all the materials you need are gathered beforehand. For a wooden go cart you may need two fixed axles with wheels attached, a wooden plank. pine axle (size dependent on go cart size), rope, eye screws, paint and electrician's metal saddles, as well as two steering bolts. Depending on your plans for the cart, you may need other items, as well.

Before Assembly

Cut out all wood pieces before assembling. Sand and paint your wood before you begin assembling your go cart. Not only is this part fun, but you can get paint and varnish into all the angles that may be hard to work with when the go cart is put together. Be creative and have fun! Make sure you allow the paint to dry completely before proceeding.


Attach pieces with clamps first. Do not glue, screw or nail anything until you have assembled your wood cart and held it together with clamps. This way, if a mistake has been made it can be changed before it becomes permanent. Make sure the go cart is level, sides have equal lengths and that the wheels are long enough to clear the plank and be able to spin.

Adding a Steering Wheel

Make sure that when you add the steering wheel, you use a bolt that is only partially threaded. This will allow it to be tightened on a bolt but still be able to spin. Make sure that the bolt is centred correctly on the steering wheel so that the go cart doesn't lean to the left or right.


Now that your go cart is ready to go, you can add your embellishments as you please. A foam seat, more paint and patterns or other decorations are a terrific way to personalise your go cart.

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