Homemade Smokers & Barbecues

When barbecue gets in a person’s blood, they try to hone their skills to create the best smoker cookers and barbecue grills possible. The homemade smokers created may be as simple as a metal rubbish bin, or as elaborate as the trailer of a semi-truck. The one thing these cookers all have in common is that they were built by BBQ enthusiasts.

Smoker Cookers .vs Barbecue Grills

Slow, indirect heat is the cooking method of the smoker cooker. The food cooked in a smoker will take longer to cook, but the end result will be a flavourful and tender product. Fast, direct heat is the cooking method of the barbecue grill. The heat creates an outer coating that seals the juices inside the food, allowing for an excellent-tasting finished product.

Homemade Smoker Cooker

Designing a homemade smoker is easy, and makes a great weekend project for the do-it-yourself barbecue enthusiast. Buy a standard metal rubbish bin from a hardware store, along with a standard round barbecue grill rack. Drill several 3/8-inch holes in the bottom of the dustbin for ventilation. Repeat this same process in the lid of the rubbish bin. Place the round grill rack inside the rubbish bin and your homemade smoker is ready for some charcoal and something to cook. Remember to wear gloves when removing the lid.

DIY Barbecue Grill

Buy a small 15-gallon rubbish bin and a small, round propane burner and propane connector. Do not forget a fresh container of propane and a round barbecue grill. Drill a hole in the bottom of the rubbish bin (this should be ¾-inch in diameter) and screw the connecter onto the side of the can. Connect the propane burner to the connecter from the inside. Attach the propane tank to the outside side of the connector. Turn on the propane and check for leaks on both sides of the connector. If no leaks are detected, light the burner, place the BBQ grill on top of the rubbish bin and cook your food.

Combination Smoker Cooker/Barbecue Grill

Buy a medium-size propane burner. Drill a hole in the bottom of the full-size rubbish bin above. Remove the propane connector off the small rubbish bin grill and screw to the large rubbish bin. Attach the propane burner to the inside side of the connector. Cut a round barbecue grill rack down in diameter until it fits snug about ¾ of the way down inside the rubbish bin. Now you can use the propane on high to grill your food, or put a small pan of water-soaked wood chips on the lower grill rack, turn the propane to a low flame, and slow smoke your food of choice. You will need to buy a second grill rack to slow smoking food.

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