Hitachi Big Screen TV Troubleshooting

Updated February 21, 2017

Hitachi big-screen television sets offer a large viewing area for TV and other video programs. Problems with the power, picture and sound may arise during normal use of your Hitachi television. However, you can troubleshoot and fix your big-screen TV to return it to a normal working condition.


If the television does not turn on when you press the "Power" button, see if the television power cable is plugged securely into an electrical socket. Plug a second device into the outlet, and see if it operates. You may have tripped a circuit breaker or blown a fuse, blocking current to the outlet. If that's the case, reset the breaker or replace the fuse.

If you are trying to turn on the television with your remote control, make sure have installed the batteries correctly. If the batteries are exhausted, you need to replace them.


Picture problems on the Hitachi big-screen television can come from a variety of sources, each of which requires different repair methods. If you have cable or satellite television service, make sure the coaxial cable is securely connected to both the wall jack and the "Ant A" jack on the back of the television set. Check the cable for breaks and the connectors for damage. You may need to replace the coaxial cable.

Next, change the channel on the television to see if the problem is with the broadcast. If other channels have picture problems, you may need to contact your television service provider.

You can also adjust the picture settings on your Hitachi big-screen television to correct problems. Press the "Menu" button on your remote control to bring up the on-screen display. Choose "Video" with the "Select" button to bring up a list of picture settings, such as contrast, brightness and colour. Press the up and down arrow buttons to highlight the setting you want to adjust, and make the adjustment with the left and right buttons. Look for settings with a value close to the minimum or maximum, since they are likely to cause picture problems.


User error causes many sound problems. For example, you may have accidentally enabled the mute feature or turned the volume down. Press the "Mute" button or the "Vol +" button on the remote to return the volume to a comfortable setting.

Adjust the audio settings by pressing the "Menu" button and selecting "Audio." Highlight the audio setting you want to adjust, and press the right or left arrow buttons to adjust it. Look for anomalies in the settings, as they often cause problems.

You can fix some sound problems by using the same methods used for fixing picture problems. Check the coaxial cable connections, and look for damage on the wire. Change channels to see if the problem persists. Contact your cable or satellite service provider if necessary.

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