How do I wallpaper a recessed window?

Updated February 21, 2017

Hanging wallpaper around a window recess can seem difficult or slightly daunting when you first try to take it on. By following a few simple steps, hanging wallpaper on these recesses can be done quite easily by measuring and cutting accurately.

Hang Up to Recess

Plaster the wallpaper onto the wall and overlap the edges of the recess with more then enough wallpaper. The vertical wallpaper edge should line up to the vertical edge of the recess, yet should be longer then the recess on the overlap. Measure the depth of the recess to ensure there is more wallpaper then needed to cover it. Only attach the wallpaper to the wall within about an inch or two of the actual recess so you have some loose wallpaper to work with and aren't tearing anything off the wall itself.

Measure and Cut

Use paperhanging scissors to cut the overlap along each corner of the wallpaper on all sides of the window. Then fold the cut sections down to the window itself, and fold the longer edges pack, marking then with a pencil. Then unfold and cut the longer edges off in strips. Keep these strips. Make sure the cuts are done exactly and the now folded edges of the wallpaper you have hung over the recess fully cover the recessed area, without showing any of the wall cover overlapping onto the window itself.

Paste It Down

Once you are absolutely sure of the wallpaper folds over the recessed window area, paste it down. Once the paste is on it, make sure you position each corner as perfectly in line with the other piece of wall paper as possible, as this will align the entire edge of each side of the wallpaper along the window. If there happens to be areas where the wallpaper comes up short and parts of the wall can still be seen, use these strips of wallpaper you cut earlier to cover these small spots.

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