Alternatives to Laundry Baskets

Updated February 21, 2017

Transporting your dirty or clean laundry from room to room, home to dorm, or home to work is made easier with the aid of laundry baskets. Typical laundry baskets are small plastic crates without lids, which can be cumbersome when transporting a large amount of clothing from place to place. A few alternatives to the average laundry basket exist to combat this problem.

Laundry Bags

A great alternative to a bulky, plastic laundry basket is a laundry bag. These bags made of breathable mesh fabric are manufactured in different styles and colours. The versatility of a laundry bag is great for people who live on the go and do a lot of travelling. A laundry bag normally can hold more clothes than a laundry basket and is easily cinched or tied shut at the top to help keep the clothes folded neatly in place and from falling out. College students and military personnel often use laundry bags to accommodate their highly mobile lifestyle. Laundry bags are also manufactured in a folding version. The same fabric is utilised with a cinching top string and can be folded into an upright hamper-style bag that can be easily transported and stored when not in use.

Laundry Hampers

A laundry hamper can be used in place of the typical laundry basket when you want to add a little style to your laundry room or bathroom. These hampers are manufactured to look like pieces of furniture. Hamper styles include furniture-style wooden-box hampers with removable or attachable lids, as well as wicker hampers with lids. Hampers are breathable, usually featuring holes that line the frame of the hamper to allow for airflow. This feature keeps smelly clothes from becoming too pungent. Hampers can also be painted to match the decor of your laundry room or bathroom in your home.

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