Homemade pirate costume for an adult

Written by john leonard | 13/05/2017
Homemade pirate costume for an adult
Sail the seven seas in your scurvy pirate costume. (Getty Creative)

Who says Halloween is just for kids? Whether you're going out to an adult Halloween costume party or taking your family out for a night of trick-or-treating, you'll need an adult-sized Halloween costume. Avoid the pricey prepackaged costumes and design your own homemade pirate Halloween costume. You likely already own several of the supplies you'll need to make a pirate Halloween costume. Any additional supplies can easily be picked up at your local charity shop or pound store.

Pirate clothing

For a male adult pirate Halloween costume, start with a basic white button-down shirt. You'll want a shirt that's a little bit baggy that you won't mind tearing or getting messy, so consider picking one up from the local charity shop. Ruffle the shirt up a bit and add some rips for a rugged look. For trousers, a simple pair of black slacks will do. Tear one of the knees and cut jagged edges out around the cuffs for a rugged look.

Ladies should stick to the same basic idea as the men's costume, with the exception of replacing the trousers with a long black skirt. Again, feel free to add in some well-placed rips to add to the rugged look. Regardless of your sex, you can complete the ensemble with a bandanna (black or red) or a pirate captain's hat.

Pirate accessories

If you're going out as a pirate, you'll need the right accessories. You can make a quick eye patch from black fabric or construction paper and a basic elastic band. Make your own hook hand by using wire cutters to cut off the hook end of a wire clothes hanger. Use hot glue to fasten it to the bottom of a black disposable cup, stick your hand inside the cup and you've got your very own hook hand accessory.

You'll be able to find cheap toy swords, guns and golden coins at your local dollar or thrift store. Ladies can further accessorise with some sparkly "booty" from your jewellery box.

Sexy costumes

If you're heading out to an adult Halloween party, give your pirate Halloween costume a sexy twist. For a lady's costume, consider using a shorter skirt and adding a pair of black fishnet stockings. Swap out the white dress shirt for a white blouse with ruffly, billowing sleeves.

Men's costumes needn't be altered much for a sexy twist. Consider leaving the top few buttons of your dress shirt unbuttoned.

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