Do it yourself plans for gazebo spa enclosures

Updated July 18, 2017

Gazebo spa enclosures can provide privacy as well as serve as an aesthetically appealing addition to your yard. Many companies offer easy to assemble gazebo spa enclosure kits. You can, however, build your enclosure from start to finish, allowing you to tailor the gazebo to meet your specific needs and preferences.


Measure your hot tub and consider the available space around the tub. Consider how large you want the structure to be. Decide how much room is needed to comfortably enter and exit the tub all the way around. If your hot tub is frequently used for entertaining guests, a larger enclosure may be needed to allow multiple adults to comfortably move about after entering the gazebo. If you want to add a sitting area, storage for spa supplies, a changing area or a small refreshment area, all of these elements must be factored in when determining the amount of space needed for your gazebo spa enclosure.

Appearance and Design

Consider the overall appearance and design that you want your gazebo spa enclosure to have. Your gazebo design can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. If you wish to enjoy the green landscape and blue sky, or the moon and stars, while you relax in your spa, windows and skylights can be added to create a more open effect. You can also create a more open design, which includes a roof and a latticed half wall, replacing screened doors and windows with natural openings. Determine the colour or wood finish you want to use for your gazebo spa enclosure. If you are purchasing a pre-made gazebo spa enclosure kit, the supplier will often have a variety of colours choices available. If you are building your enclosure from scratch, the sky is the limit when it comes to colour and overall appearance.


Decide how much lighting is needed and what energy source you will use. You will need plenty of lighting to safely make your way from the house to the gazebo. You will also need enough light to avoid slips and injury inside the enclosure. Consider the overall ambience desired. Lighting the area too much could be distracting and detract from the natural lights of the night sky. Some gazebo construction kits come with lighting options. Whether you are purchasing a kit that does not have adequate lighting or are building your enclosure from scratch, there are countless styles and designs of both electric and solar lights available.

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