Window Covering Ideas for Trapezoid Windows

Updated March 27, 2018

Trapezoid windows are often used in newer homes with high vaulted ceilings. They feature four sides with two parallel sides and come in a variety of interesting angles and configurations. Known for letting a lot of light in, they can also pose a problem when you want to have a little bit of privacy, or when you want to get rid of glare on your television screen. The right window coverings can help you to have the privacy you need while still being able to enjoy your windows.

Curtains Hung from Above

If you need a window treatment solution that will block out light and give you the privacy you need, investigate using angled curtain rods that are hung from the ceiling. You can hang light-cancelling draperies that can be pulled to the side, exposing your window when not in use. These light-blocking window treatments will help to darken a room when you need freedom from television glare, as well as give you privacy.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are made from fabric materials that allow a glow of light through but make it so that others cannot see into your home from the outside. These shades come in styles that can be moved up and down on your windows. The portion hung on angled areas of your window will remain stationary, while the rest of the shade can be moved as necessary.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an excellent option for trapezoid windows and can be ordered and installed on an angled track. Some vertical blinds offer light-blocking qualities, while others allow a glow to come through when closed. They can be pulled to the side of your window, exposing the entire frame, or the slats can be opened slightly without opening the blinds completely.

Wood or Woven Blinds

Wood or woven blinds are elegant choices for trapezoid windows and come in a wide range of prices and materials. Like honeycomb shades, the portion of the blinds on angled areas of your windows will remain stationary, while blinds covering the straight portion of your window can be moved up and down as necessary. Bamboo is a good choice for airy Asian or modern living rooms, while a rich maple is a good choice for a more traditional home with lots of elegant antique furniture.

Room Dividers

If you have a large open space and do not care about blocking light, consider using room dividers. Room dividers will not block light, but they will give you privacy. Choose taller dividers in materials that match your decor. You might consider bamboo, tapestry or silk. The divider can be folded up and set to the side when not in use and makes an attractive backdrop in your room when in use.

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