Curtain Hold Backs Instructions

Updated November 21, 2016

Curtain hold backs serve a couple of purposes. They hold draperies back to expose the window and add a decorative element to the window treatment. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and you can even make your curtains express a particular style based on the way you drape them within the hold back.


Determining the type of hold back you want to use with your draperies is entirely your decision. You can use a metal or fabric hold back. Each attaches to the wall next to the window. The metal curtain hold back has a hook that you place the fabric behind. The fabric curtain hold back is made of a tying material and is connected to the wall. They hang when they are not in use and you tie them around the bunched up curtain when you want to pull them back.


You can put the hold back either on the frame moulding or on the wall next to the window, but place it in the centre of the window to allow maximum light in when the curtains are held back. If you don't want to put holes into the moulding, attach the hold back directly behind the moulding. The benefit of using the moulding as a holding source is that the screws fit securely and snugly into the wood. If you don't want to use the moulding and the wall next to it does not have a wood stud, use a drywall anchor and screw. If you use hardware that can be easily pulled from the wall, the weight of drapes may pull the hardware right out of your drywall, leaving a noticeable hole.

Using the Hold Backs

Hold backs allow you to drape your curtains in a couple of ways. If you use a metal or fabric hold back, you can tie the curtain back in a tight manner. The appearance of this method leaves the inside edges of the curtains straight. It's simple to create this design with the metal hold backs because you simply pull the material straight and hook it behind the hold back. When you use the fabric hold back, let the curtain rest between the ties and then secure the fabric tight.

If you want the top portion of the curtain above the hold back to have a draping appearance, put the curtain material in the hold back and pull the inside edge up and out a little. This method makes the curtain look straight in the back and have a loop hanging over the window in the front.

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