How do I rotate a text box in word 2007?

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft Office Word 2007 text boxes, unlike other shapes, cannot be rotated. However, you can change the text direction. Rotating the text direction in a text box is useful for designing book bindings, adding accents to a layout or adding information lengthwise along a margin. WordArt may serve as an alternative for rotating small amounts of text at an arbitrary angle.

Working With Text Boxes

To create a text box, choose "Simple Text Box" from the Text Box button in the Text group under the Insert tab on the Office Fluent Ribbon. On the Format tab, set the style, colour, shadows and other options to set the desired appearance of your text box. Add your text to the text box. Open the Home tab, and format the font, colour, bullets and other text settings.

Under the Format tab on the Ribbon, click the "Text Direction" button. The text will rotate 90 degrees clockwise so it runs sideways, with the top of the text along the right edge of the box. Click the "Text Direction" button again, and it will rotate another 180 degrees, with the top of the text along the left edge of the box. One more click will return the text direction to normal. Once you have the text direction set, drag the resize handles on the text box to resize the height and width of the text box to fit your text.

Using WordArt Instead of a Text Box

Rotating a text element is often done to add a special effect to a document, such as making a bit of information stand out. If you have a small amount of text you want to rotate an arbitrary amount, WordArt provides the control you need, and it offers other special effects that makes your text stand out.

Add WordArt by clicking the "WordArt" button in the Text group on the Insert tab. Choose a style that comes close to how you want your text to appear. When the Edit WordArt window opens, type in your text and set the font, font size and other formatting. WordArt text does not automatically wrap, so you need to add line breaks manually. Click "OK." Under the Format tab are numerous style and formatting options for adding shadows, changing the WordArt shape (including making the text follow a horizontal line) and setting colours. Click the "Rotate" button in the Arrange group, and select "More Rotation Options." Set the Rotation amount (angle in degrees of clockwise rotation), and click "OK" to rotate the WordArt. The limit for WordArt is 200 characters, counting line breaks.

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