Folded paper easter baskets for kids to make

Updated February 21, 2017

Children of all ages will enjoy making folded paper Easter baskets for candy, decorated eggs and treats for the holiday. A few materials are all that are needed. Large or small, these baskets can decorate an Easter morning family breakfast table or can be given as gifts.

Gather Your Materials

Purchase heavy paper, such as 8 1/2-by-11-inch card stock in pastel colours. Have the following tools on hand: scissors, ruler, stapler and coloured markers. Also have decorative peel-and-stick Easter-theme foam stickers including images and individual letters.

Fold the paper

Use a ruler to measure and mark one sheet of card stock lengthwise into thirds. Do the same widthways. Fold one side lengthwise along the mark, making sharp creases, then the other side. Open the paper flat. Turn the paper widthways and fold it the same way. Open the paper and pinch a corner together and secure with staples. Proceed the same way with the other three corners, making a box. Cut another sheet of card stock (the same colour as the basket or a contrasting one) in half lengthwise. Fold it into thirds and secure the ends with staples to the centre of the basket on both sides to make a sturdy handle. Decorate the basket with stickers and write the name of the person who made it or for whom it was made on the top of the handle. Fill the basket with shredded green, yellow or pink paper "grass" and add Easter treats and coloured eggs.

A Few Tips

Other heavy paper that can be used to create Easter baskets are pages from expired wallpaper sample books. These are free for the asking from home decor stores. Many have beautiful designs and different themes.

Keep a craft box handy to collect items that can be used to decorate folded paper Easter baskets such as stickers. Look for them at craft shops on clearance after the holiday. Look for discount coupons in the Sunday newspaper or receive one by e-mail after registering online with a craft store such as Michaels or AC Moore.

Paper used to create the folded Easter baskets can be cut into squares before folding instead of leaving the paper rectangle to make long baskets. Use different size paper to make larger or smaller baskets.

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