How to Put a Light Behind a Wall-Mounted Headboard

Updated February 21, 2017

Headboards add decorative interest to your bed and can make sitting in bed more comfortable. Light headboards are especially convenient for those who like to read in bed. Installing lights can become complicated, however, if your headboard is mounted directly to the wall. Often there is little space to accommodate lights. One way to bypass this complication is to install rope lighting, which comes in various diameters and brightness. Use a high-quality LED light with more than 5,000 hours of usage so you don't have to replace lights often.

Snap mounting clips onto the rope lighting. Space them 6 inches apart with one clip on each end of the rope lighting.

Wedge the rope lighting on the bottom left corner of the wall-mounted headboard. Wall-mounted headboards have a few millimetres between the board and the wall because the mounting hardware generally does not push the headboard flush against the wall.

Run the rope lighting around the side, top and other side of the wall-mounted headboard. Wedge the rope lighting in between the wall and the headboard. The pressure from the headboard should keep the rope lighting in place.

Spread a thin layer of glue on the mounting clip on one end of the rope lighting if you find a generous amount of room between the headboard and the wall. Press the mounting clip to the back of the headboard until the glue sets. This could take up to a few minutes depending on the type of glue you use.

Glue the rest of the mounting clips to secure the entire length of rope lighting to the headboard. Let the glue set for several hours.

Plug the other end of the rope light into the wall to illuminate the headboard.

Things You'll Need

  • Rope lighting
  • Silicone-based glue
  • Mounting clips
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