Proper Care of Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts for Men

Updated November 21, 2016

Ralph Lauren polo shirts---knit shirts with collars---are popular for both men and women and have become accepted attire for many casual work places and for casual days at more formal offices. With proper care, polo shirts can last for several years before needing to be replaced. Regardless of whether your polo shirts are long- or short-sleeved, solids or patterns, the basics of care are the same.


According to Ralph Lauren, all Ralph Lauren polo shirts are 100% cotton and are machine washable. Washing dark and light clothes separately in cold water and tumble drying them on low will help preserve colours and shape. Use bleach on white shirts if they begin to get a little dingy, but bleach---even colour-safe bleach---is not recommended for colours.


Iron your polo shirts with a steam iron set to cool. The sooner you iron shirts after they come out of the dryer, the easier it will be to remove wrinkles, particularly from the collar. If you remove shirts from the dryer as soon as it has stopped, though, you may not need to iron them at all.


Hang your Ralph Lauren polo shirts on wooden or plastic hangers or fold them to store them. Do not use wire hangers, as they may leave dents in the shoulders that can be difficult to get out. Always button the top button and straighten the collar when hanging shirts. To fold a polo shirt to avoid wrinkles, button the top button and fold the collar as you would for hanging it. Lay the shirt front-down on a table or bed, and fold the sleeves in, overlapping a bit. Fold the bottom of the shirt up and then fold the top of the shirt and collar over the bottom.

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