Washing instructions for sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin rugs add a sense of warmth and comfort to a room that you don't get with synthetic or synthetic-blend rugs. Sheepskin gives off a natural lanolin that helps to clean and protect it, so owners must wash sheepskin rugs in a different way to traditional rugs. Many people think you must take a sheepskin to a professional to clean, but you can usually clean the sheepskin rug yourself at home if you take care to protect it.

Place the sheepskin rug into the washing machine along with the washing powder. Run the washing machine on a warm setting, with the water no hotter than 40 degrees C (108F).

Wring out any excess water from the sheepskin rug.

Hang the sheepskin rug on a line to dry. Make sure the rug hangs straight down, not over the line, so that the rug will dry out flat. Allow the rug to dry completely.

Brush the rug with the wire brush, fluffing out the curls and bringing your sheepskin rug back to its original state.


Instead of hanging the sheepskin rug on the clothes line, you can lay it flat on a table or other surface.


Don't dry your sheepskin rug in the tumble dryer, in direct sunlight or any other high heat areas.

Never use traditional washing powder, even gentle detergent, on your sheepskin rug.

Things You'll Need

  • Washing machine
  • Washing powder specifically for sheepskin
  • Clothes line
  • Wire brush
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