What to Write on Wedding Favors

Updated March 23, 2017

Your big day has arrived. The bridal party assembly line is ready to fill, fold, wrap and tie your favours. Now all you have to do is figure out what to say on the wedding favours. Use thoughtfulness, creativity and a little manual labour to write polite, practical and unique messages.

Saying Thank You

"Thank you" is the most important statement to make. Wedding favours are themselves a thank-you to the guests for attending your wedding. Add an explicit thank-you message to the wedding favours to be clear about your gesture.

A word of thanks can be expressed in a number of ways. For a traditional and time-consuming thank you, use a calligraphy pen to write "thank you" on each wedding favour.

Save time by using pre-printed thank-you stickers. Use clear, gold, silver or any other colour that complements your wedding colours. Stickers come in a wide variety of shapes including circles, squares, stars and hearts.

Try a unique approach by offering an audio thank you along with the written words. Some technologically advanced greeting cards, picture frames and even key chains allow for customisable audio messages. Record a brief thank-you message on the devices for your guests. The devices serve as customised wedding favours.

Adding the Date

Remind your guests of the cause for celebration. Add the name of the bride and groom and the date on the wedding favours. For larger or informal weddings, use customised stickers to complete this task in a timely manner. For small or more formal weddings, write the names and date with a calligraphy pen.

Write the names and the date clearly and in a style that complements the wedding favours and the wedding itself. Be consistent. If you wrote out the date on the wedding programs instead of using numbers and dashes, write out the date on the wedding favours as well.

Keeping the Theme

Use the writing on your wedding favours to reinforce your wedding theme. If you have a fairy tale-themed wedding, use a sparkly paint marker or calligraphy pen to write "Thank you for adding to the magic of our day" or "Welcome to our happily ever after."

For an informal, beach-themed wedding, write "Thank you for hanging 10 with us" or " We hope you enjoyed your fun in the sun."

Whatever the theme, write a message that coincides with the theme and tone of the wedding.

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