Home remedy to remove blackheads & shrink large pores

Updated April 17, 2017

Blackheads and large pores often go hand in hand. According to Mayo Clinic, the main difference between a whitehead and a blackhead is that whiteheads are raised, enclosed bumps, and blackheads are clogged, open pores with dark spots, or heads. These heads can give the illusion that pores are enlarged, and oftentimes this is precisely the case. Use these tips to get rid of blackheads and shrink large pores with home remedies you can do yourself.

Steaming to Clear and Close Pores

Steaming out pores is one of the most popular ways to clean out blackheads and close open pores. The most cost effective way to do this is by boiling a large pot of water, leaning over the edge, and allowing the steam to open up your pores. Adding herbs such as chamomile, lavender or rosemary to the pot can aid in cleaning out and soothing your pores while they're open.

Allow your face to be exposed for about 5 minutes, then dry off with a clean towel. Take this opportunity to apply a facial mask or cleansing solution to further clean out impurities in your pores.

Homemade Blackhead Remedy Mask

One of the most effective masks for tightening skin and shrinking pores is a simple egg white mask. Tie back your hair to keep it out of the way, and separate one egg yolk from the egg white. Discard the yolk, and whisk the egg white until frothy. Lean over the bathroom sink and apply the egg white all over your face (but avoiding the eye and mouth area), and pay a little extra attention to places like your nose where blackheads are more likely to fester.

Let it dry on your face for about 10 or 15 minutes before rinsing it off in warm water. Pat your face dry with a clean washcloth or towel, and don't apply any other blackhead removal creams or cleansers for the rest of the day.

Vitamin C Mask for Blackheads

Vitamin C is one of the best remedies for blackheads, as its antibacterial properties kill germs and help remove impurities in the pores. Making a vitamin C mask for your blackheads is very simple; all it takes is two tablespoons of orange peel, grated from a washed orange and one tablespoon of water. Whisk this combination until it becomes a paste and apply it over the affected areas of your skin.

Wash off the orange after 15 minutes, and pat your face dry with a clean towel or washcloth. It's best to use this mask and the egg white mask on two separate days; purifying your skin too much with any product, whether it be a cleanser, mask or topical solution, will only lead to dry, flaky skin and an overproduction of acne.

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