Pressure Washer Homemade Cleaning Soution

Updated February 21, 2017

Pressuring washing your driveway, deck, fencing or other outdoor surface saves you time and energy. You don't have to drag a water hose around, and you don't have to scrub the surfaces down with a brush. Most pressure washers have a reservoir for a soap solution, so you don't have to buy a commercial soap solution. A simple homemade solution can be mixed with ingredients you probably already have in your garage or shop.

Bleach Solution

One homemade pressure washer cleaning solution is a mixture of three cups of chlorine bleach and four cups of hot water. Mix the solution in a bucket, stir and pour the mixture into your pressure washer. The bleach mixture will remove any cake-on dirt and debris and also any moss or other plant growth present on your fence, deck and other outdoor surfaces.

Bleach and Simple Green Solution

To make a slightly soapy homemade pressure washer solution, mix in a bucket 1 tbsp of Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner, three cups of chlorine bleach and five cups of hot water. Make sure you stir the mixture before pouring it into your pressure washer. Do not increase the amount of Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner because this will cause foaming inside of your pressure washer.

Vinegar and Water Solution

To make a simple environmentally friendly pressure washer solution, mix three cups of water in a bucket and one cup of white vinegar. Pour the mixture into you pressure washer and spray it onto your outdoor surfaces. The vinegar is a natural cleaner that will also remove mildew from fences, decks and other surfaces. The vinegar and water mixture will not foam up and will not clog your pressure washer.

Test the mixtures on a hidden area of a coloured surface before using. You might have to adjust your pressure washer's PSI setting if the pressure is too high or any discolouration is occurring.


When washing with a pressure washer, spray from the bottom to the top when cleaning fences and siding. Then rinse from the top down. This will keep dirty water from streaking and running on the clean sections of your fencing or siding.

Rinse any solution used in your pressure washer out of the washer with clean water before storing the equipment.

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