How to Clean Outdoor Slate

garden serpent image by Adam Borkowski from

Outdoor slate is often used as a patio flooring for outdoor living spaces. The slate adds a natural, rustic touch to your patio area, and is also highly durable to the outdoor elements.

In this outdoor area, food crumbs, pollen, bird droppings and other outdoor elements can soil the outdoor slate, causing you to need an effective cleaning routine. You need to keep in mind your surrounding plant life when you clean your outdoor slate, as using bleach or other harsh chemicals will kill plants immediately on contact.

Fill a cleaning bucket with hot water and pour in 1/2 cup of oxygen bleach per gallon of water used. Oxygen bleach is a natural alternative to chlorinated bleach, and holds the same cleaning qualities.

Rinse off the outdoor slate with your garden hose.

Pour a portion of the bleach water onto the slate, saturating the area entirely, and scrub it into the slate with a large broom or scrub brush. Work your way across the outdoor slate until all has been cleaned to your liking.

Rinse the outdoor slate once more with the garden hose.