What to write in a 1 year anniversary card

Updated March 23, 2017

According to Marie Claire, 3 per cent of marriages end in divorce in their first year and 20 per cent end in divorce before their fifth year. Reaching your first anniversary as a happy, productive couple is a milestone that should be commemorated and recognised with a meaningful display of affection. A well-thought out card (and a big kiss) might be all you need to give to your significant other to celebrate your first anniversary.

Memories of The Past Year

Start off your one-year anniversary card by reminiscing about the past you've shared with your partner. Write about funny or notable events that occurred during the prior year of your relationship, whether you were in a marriage or dating. Include comments about the day you met, the day you knew that you could spend the rest of your life with this person, or one day that he made you feel special.

Real Comments

Be realistic and truthful in your card--avoid sappy, overly trite, general sayings like, "You make me so happy." You might as well be giving her a preprinted card if you do that. Mention real-life situations and concrete reasons why she makes you happy. Talk about both the good and the not-so good. Write what you don't like in a humorous way, but then discuss what you absolutely love about your significant other and why you want to stay with her forever. For example: "You have a bad habit of stealing my socks and razors, but you've also stolen my heart." The idea is to make her chuckle, then shed a tear. Be sure to let her know that although you might disagree with some of her ways, you still love her individuality.

Dreams for the Future

End your card with your own hopes and dreams for the future of your relationship. For instance, you can discuss how much you are looking forward to taking a romantic trip together in the next year of your marriage or moving into your first home together. Tell your significant other how thankful you are for the blessing of being able to spend the next year, five years, 20 years or more of your life with him.

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