What to Wear With Tan Boots

Updated March 23, 2017

When it comes to boots, it's important to wear them with the right type of outfit to avoid looking hopelessly unfashionable. This is particularly so of tan boots, which only match certain types --- and colours --- of outfits. The benefit of this hue, however, is that it translates well from fall fashion to spring trends; just be sure that the outfit you choose to complement your fabulous tan boots is just as fashion-forward.

Show Off the Boots

The best way to wear boots of any kind, but tan boots in particular, is to wear a fabulous skirt or dress. Depending on the length of the boots, you would choose bottoms accordingly. For example, you might pair tan knee-length boots with a denim mini skirt and a colourful blouse. Conversely, pair some tan ankle boots with a longer length print skirt. Tan boots also complement a denim dress or neutralise a busy-printed outfit.

Contrast Hues

Tan boots are the perfect neutral colour to tone down bright, bold colours. Complementary colours to tan boots include reds, oranges, deep greens and blues as well as crisp whites. Boots in this colour provide a footwear option that won't otherwise compete with the colours found in clothing. Tan boots are the perfect option for those outfits that are so busy with colours and prints, that it seems as though no other colour of shoe or boot really matches well.

To break up the colour in an all-white ensemble, tan boots still preserve the look of the white without adding shocking colour.

Jazz Up a Bland Look

If you are wearing an outfit that is otherwise boring and bland, tan boots add some pizazz. This is because boots provide a interesting alternative to average footwear options. If you want to experiment with a boot type, do so with the heel height and heel type. Opt for tan boots in short, chunky heels for a more casual style or a thin, stiletto heel for something a bit sexier. If you are wearing skinny jeans, most boots won't fit under the leg of the jeans so wear tan cowboy-style boots with the jeans tucked into them.

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