Homemade moth traps

Updated April 17, 2017

Moths can be a detriment to your home if you find yourself with an infestation. Their larvae can destroy your clothes, especially the ones in the dirty laundry. Outside of the house, moths may be a nuisance as well. Getting rid of them may be ideal, but if you don't want to call an exterminator, there are other options that you can use. For example, there are a few ways to trap moths and get rid of them.

Homemade Moth Traps

One way to trap moths is by using a molasses mixture. You will need molasses, vinegar, and a yellow container. Mix one part molasses with two parts vinegar. For example, with six ounces of molasses, you would need 354ml of vinegar. Adjust your amount of molasses and vinegar according to what amount your container can hold. Once you have mixed the two together, put this mixture into your container. Make sure the container is yellow because moths are attracted to the colour yellow. This way, they will come to inspect the container and be attracted to the scent of the mixture within. Sit your filled container in a place the moths frequent. They will fall into the mixture and be unable to escape due to the molasses. If you use this trap, you will need to change out your mixture often to keep the scent fresh.

Another kind of moth trap is somewhat more complex. For this moth trap, you will need an empty two-liter bottle or any kind of juice bottle, twine, scissors, gloves, dishwashing liquid, and a strip of pheromone bait. Take your scissors and cut four horizontal slits around the top of the empty bottle. Make sure the space is big enough for the moths to get through, but not so big that they can fly back out. Cut a hole in the middle of the bottle's top and thread the twin through it. Knot the end of the twine well so that the cap doesn't slip off. Once you've secured the twine, put on your gloves and take out a piece of pheromone bait. Tape the bait into the bottle, but don't cover it completely with tape. Make sure you use the gloves, otherwise your hands will attract the moths rather than your bottle trap. Fill the bottle with a few inches of water, then add in a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. Tie a loop onto the end of the twine, then put the cap back on the bottle and hang your trap from a tree or wherever you choose to hang it. If you use this trap, you will need to change the mixture daily. Make sure not to hang the trap too close to your house.

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