Homemade Casino Decorations

Updated April 17, 2017

Creating your own homemade casino decorations is easier than you think. The best casino decorations are those that put everyone in a celebratory mood, making them feel like they're actually in Atlantic City, Reno or Las Vegas. Many decorations can be made with materials you probably already have at home.


Set aside a small area to act as your work studio before making the decorations. You'll want to have the following materials at hand: paper, pens, markers, paint, poster board, tape, glitter, glue, balloons, ribbons, streamers, old magazines and any miscellaneous items that can add to the casino theme. Choose a colour scheme, such as black and red, or just use your favourite colours.

Pictures and Graphics

Transform your space into a casino-themed bash with pictures and graphics. If you're not a great artist or want to save time, use a clip art program to print out items such as stars, fake dollar bills, horseshoes, playing cards, dice, slot machines, poker chips and roulette wheels. Get creative and print them out in different styles, sizes and colours. Use paint, markers and pens to add a personal touch and then hang the images around your space. Create name tags by writing guests' names using glitter and glue on playing cards, poker chips, dice or a star if you have the list in advance. Or ask guests to do that as they arrive. That way everyone has his own themed name tag.

Signs and Posters

Decorate your walls, hallways and entryway with casino-themed signs and posters. Come up with a name for your casino and print out the letters. Punch a small hole through the top of each letter, put string or ribbon through it and simply hang. Cut out hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds to reflect suits of cards and scatter them through the room. Make signs on poster board saying clever things such as "Betting Limit ... Big Spenders Only," "High Roller's Table" and others. Create a poster for all of the games guests can play. Setting up little tables with these signs and laying out poker chips, playing card and fake money will enhance the decor. Put up a sturdy piece of cardboard that's in the shape of a token for guests to sign when they arrive.

Table Decor and Other Decorations

Lay out a couple of plants (preferably fake) and attach playing cards to each of the leaves. Transform the cover of old magazines by creating casino-themed ones like The Secret to Playing Keno, Gambling Tips and Slots Daily. Transform a table into a slot machine, roulette wheel or pinball machine with a white plastic tablecloth or poster board. Serve food that compliments the theme: card- or dollar-shaped cookies and chocolate coins. Party favours can do double duty as decorations; give keepsakes like dice, a deck of cards and poker chips.

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