Indoor Games for Senior Adults

Updated November 21, 2016

Keep senior citizens' minds and bodies active with entertaining indoor games. Games prevent boredom and give the seniors something to look forward to each day. A few supplies and some game ideas are all you need to get started. Encourage the adult seniors to participate in the games by awarding prizes to game winners.


Get out the bingo cards, bingo balls and bingo markers, and let the seniors enjoy a couple of games of bingo. For added fun, create the bingo cards and markers to match the nearest holiday. If Halloween is coming up, use bingo cards with pictures of bats, scarecrows, candy and scary masks. The seniors can use candy corns as bingo markers and instead of saying "Bingo," have them shout, "Happy Halloween." Do the same for Valentine's Day, and use conversation hearts as bingo markers. Award the game winners with holiday-themed prizes.

Prize Walk

Write numbers on different sheets of paper and lay the numbers down in a circle. Write the same numbers on small slips of paper and place them in a bowl. Play music and have the seniors walk on the numbers in a circle. When the music stops, each senior must stand on a number. Draw a number from the bowl and the senior standing on that number wins a prize. Prizes can include cakes, brownies, candy, food and room decorations.

Marshmallow Toss

Hang a wreath or circle ring from the ceiling that is approximately 6 inches in diameter. Dust several large marshmallows with flour to keep them from getting sticky. Mark a standing line 10 feet from the wreath or circle. Give each senior 10 marshmallows to try to toss through the wreath or ring. Award a prize to each senior who makes a marshmallow through the ring. For added decoration, make the ring heart-shaped for Valentine's Day; use a holiday wreath for Christmas; and use a Halloween-themed wreath for Halloween. If you do not have marshmallows, play this game with beanbags.

Balloon Volleyball

Use a small rope to hang across a room. The seniors can sit in chairs or stand to play a game of balloon volleyball. Divide the seniors into two teams. Each team will get on one side of the rope. The seniors will hit the balloon back and forth like volleyball. Keep score, and the first team to score 10 points wins the game. For another balloon game, give each senior a balloon and see who can hit the balloon in the air the longest amount of time.

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