Do It Yourself Sunroom Plans

Updated February 21, 2017

A sunroom can be such a pleasant, welcoming addition to your home. Filled with natural light and lush views, a sunroom is an ideal space for entertaining, or simply for curling up with a good book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Adding a sunroom to your home will certainly be worth the time and investment, and these days it can quite simply be installed as a do-it-yourself project with ready-to-build sunroom kits.

Sunroom Kits

You can choose from a variety of sunroom do-it-yourself installation kits available from companies that specialise in sunroom construction. A few examples online are, and These kits include everything you'll need to install your sunroom, including windows, screens and doors, all of which should be precut, pre-drilled and ready to install. All you need is an existing deck or patio foundation on which to build your sunroom. Typically, you can install your sunroom without a professional contractor and complete the project, with the help of your family and friends, in one weekend.

Measuring Your Space

Before you decide on a sunroom kit, first measure your patio or deck space accurately. Measure the length and width of the floor surface and the height of the structure to which your sunroom will attach. Also, measure the eaves and fascia dimensions. The fascia is the overhanging trim, which hangs horizontally across your rooftop, and the eaves are the lower portion of the roof, where the gutters are located. Measure precisely to ensure you purchase a sunroom kit that properly fits your space. And be sure to ask the sunroom salesperson for assistance. Let him know exactly what you have and what you need, so you don't walk out with a kit that won't work for your space.

Choosing Your Sunroom Plans

There are four basic styles of sunroom designs. These can all be customised to your unique specifications, and are good places to begin when considering your design options.

Purchase a straight-style sunroom if you are looking for a simple, clean-design solution to enclose your patio with limited space.

Consider a curved-eave sunroom if you have more height space to work with. The graceful curves of this sunroom design provide an illusion of additional space, and enhance the feel of natural light entering the room.

If you have unlimited space, a cathedral-style sunroom might be the design for you. With sloping walls and vaulted ceilings, this sunroom is a grand addition to any home, and a striking space for entertaining.

Finally, choose a conservatory sunroom for a stunning space comprised of multiple, angled glass pieces. A conservatory is an eye-catching option for a greenhouse sunroom or one-of-a-kind patio.

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