How to Board Up Windows on a Brick House

brick house image by david hughes from

Boarding up the windows on a brick house can seem challenging. You can't simply screw plywood panels right into the brick like you can on a house with a wooden frame.

However, there are clips and techniques made especially for brick houses that will ensure your home's windows stay safe in a storm or if you simply need to board up windows for the winter or in an older, unoccupied house.

Measure the window. Using a tape measure, carefully measure the length, width and depth of every window in your home. Keep a notepad with you to keep track of your measurements and label each set of measurements clearly. Take 1/4 inch off your measurements all the way around to ensure that you have 1/8 inch of clearance.

Cut your plywood to fit. Take the time and make sure that your cuts are exact. The old adage, measure twice and cut once definitely applies when you are boarding up the windows on a brick house. Label each piece of plywood so that you know at a glance which window it goes to.

Fit the plywood into the windows. This is typically a two person job, especially if the windows are quite large.

Install window clips. These clips are intended for homes made of brick or masonry and are designed to hold plywood boards securely in place. You will typically need two clips per window. The clips should be no more than 24 inches apart and should be installed with the tension legs facing out and towards you.

Press the board firmly into the window and tighten the clip. Make sure the fit is tight and secure. If necessary, adjust the tension on the clips until the right fit is achieved. Repeat this process for every window that needs to be boarded up.