Titanic Games for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

The Titanic made its maiden and only voyage on April 10, 1912. Five days later, it hit an iceberg and sank. For kids learning about this tragic event, a couple of computer games can reinforce their education.

Hidden Expedition

"Hidden Expedition" is played by searching the Titanic's wreckage to find artefacts that are supposed to go to the Titanic Museum and are very valuable. However, these artefacts are hidden quite well.

There are 14 diving missions that explore 17 of the ship's rooms. Each diving mission must be completed within 20 to 30 minutes or you'll run out of oxygen. After each mission is completed, you will be given a clue to the location of the Crown Jewels.

You can get hints if you have problems, but each hint uses up two minutes of oxygen. If you click on an incorrect object, you lose 10 seconds of oxygen. "Hidden Expedition" is won by completing all of the missions and finding the Crown Jewels.

An online demonstration version of this game can be played at

Titanic Adventure

In "Titanic: Adventure Out of Time," you must go back in time to complete a mission on the Titanic before it sinks. You talk to guests on the ship and collect items that will help you solve various puzzles. This brings you closer to completing the mission.

If you don't complete the puzzles and tasks before the ship sinks, you fail and must try again. If you do, you are given the status of British Secret Service agent.

You must watch the clock and be careful not to spend too long examining pieces in the rooms or talking to the Titanic's passengers.

A free preview can be downloaded at;downloads.

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