Instructions to Use a Panasonic Bread Maker

Updated November 21, 2016

A Panasonic bread maker can simplify the process of creating freshly baked bread at home. This machine is easy to use once you have mastered the basics of the settings and various options available. Experiment with various recipes including those meant to be prepared by hand as most bread recipes can be successfully made in a bread maker.


Remove the bread pan from the bread maker by lifting up the handle of the pan and turning the pan counter clockwise to release it from the base of the unit. Attach the kneading blade to the shaft inside the bread pan before adding any ingredients. Place the dry ingredients, excluding yeast, into the bread pan first. Form a small well in the centre of the dry ingredients with a spoon and pour the liquids into the well. Place the bread pan into the bread maker and give it a slight clockwise twist to set the pan in place. Push the handle down and close the lid of the bread maker. The Panasonic bread maker features a yeast dispenser on the top of the lid which will add the yeast to the bread dough at the appropriate time during the kneading cycle. Pour the amount of yeast called for in the recipe into the dispenser and close it firmly. Do not press the start button until you have chosen the appropriate settings for the bread.


The Panasonic bread maker can be used to bake different varieties of fresh bread or knead dough without baking it. Press the menu button to select the type of bread you are attempting to make after all of the ingredients have been placed inside the bread maker. The available options include basic, whole wheat, multigrain, French, pizza and bake only. The first four settings are self explanatory and determined by the bread recipe being used. The pizza setting will prompt the machine to knead the ingredients together but the dough will not be baked. The bake-only setting is used when making quick breads or cakes and the ingredients have already been mixed together in a bowl. The kneading blade is not required when using the bake-only setting.


Six baking cycles are available on the Panasonic bread maker. These include bake, bake rapid, bake sandwich, bake raisin, dough raisin, and dough. The bake setting is the default setting of the bread maker. If you want to choose the standard bake setting then simply press the start button. The bake-rapid setting reduces the amount of time bread takes to bake. Generally, one additional tsp of yeast is added to the recipe when using the bake-rapid setting. When the bake-raisin or dough-raisin settings have been chosen, the bread maker will beep during the last part of the kneading cycle to prompt you to add the raisins or other dried fruits. This will prevent the fruit from becoming crushed during the kneading process. Use the dough setting when you do not want to bake the bread in the Panasonic bread maker. After selecting the baking cycle, press the size and crust buttons to select the size of the bread loaf and the desired degree of browning. Once all of the settings have been selected, press the start button to begin the bread making process.


Always use a potholder when removing the bread pan from the Panasonic bread maker after baking. Lift the bread pan out by the handle and gently shake the pan upside down to remove the loaf of bread. Unplug the machine and allow it to cool completely before attempting to clean the bread maker to avoid burns or electrical shock.

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