Problems With a Dometic Refrigerator

Updated February 21, 2017

Dometic is a company that makes air conditioners, awnings, cookers and refrigeration units for campers and minivans worldwide. Dometic refrigerators are a lot different from your average home refrigerator, and when a problem arises, troubleshooting and fixing the unit requires a little more information than usual.

Refrigerator Not Running

If your Dometic refrigerator is not running, check that it is plugged in. If it is, check that it is plugged into a socket with the correct voltage for your refrigerator. Make sure the socket works by plugging in another appliance you know is working. If that appliance does not work, check your home fuse box, and change faulty fuses as necessary. If the known good appliance works, check that the wire from the refrigerator is in good condition, and connected properly to the refrigerator.

No Gas Operation

If you are not getting any gas to your Dometic refrigerator, check that the gas supply is running correctly. Check the fuel levels, and refill as necessary. Check the gas switch on the refrigerator unit to see if it is functioning. If it is not, replace according to operating manual instructions. Check the thermostat on your unit to see if it is reading temperatures correctly. Adjust as necessary. Check the flue of your refrigeration unit, as well as the gas burner, to ensure there is no blockage, and that fuel is burning appropriately. Check that the Piezo, the gas ignitor for your fridge, is working correctly.

Do not open the unit if you are still under warranty, as attempting your own repair may void it.

Proper Installation

Some problems with Dometic refrigerators arise from improper installation of the unit. Make sure the refrigerator is installed on a level surface, as installing it at a tilt can affect how gas is burnt. If you are using a 3-way refrigerator, it is important to only use one power source for the entire unit. Defrost the refrigerator regularly to avoid ice build-up, which can damage the unit's ability to read temperatures properly and will overwork the unit.

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