How to Remove Rust From a Freezer

Alexander Nicholson/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Cleaning out your freezer involves not only scraping old and frozen food items from the inside of the freezer but removing rust stains. The inside of the freezer can rust if the freezer defrosts and the melted water runs and pools inside the freezer. The outside of the freezer may also rust.

Luckily, you can remove rust build-up with simple home remedies.

Turn off the freezer if the rust is on the inside of the freezer. Let the freezer defrost completely.

Spray window cleaner on the inside and outside of the freezer to clean it thoroughly.

Soak a clean cloth in distilled white vinegar.

Lay the vinegar-soaked cloth over the rust stains to soak them. This will help loosen the stain so that you won't need to scrub too vigorously. Use magnets to hold the cloth in place if necessary.

Let the cloth sit for at least 1 hour.

Remove the cloth and wipe the rust stains to remove them.

Gently brush the rust stains with a soft-bristled brush if they are still visible. Do not scrub too vigorously outside of the freezer, as you might remove the freezer's paint.

Soak a clean cloth with clear water.

Wipe the area to remove the vinegar and rust residue.

Turn the freezer back on if you've turned it off.