Homemade Carpet Shampoo Recipe

Updated November 21, 2016

The suds in a carpet shampoo and the friction created by applying it are the most effective methods for cleaning your carpet. You can easily make high-suds carpet shampoos at home to lift smells and dirt from your floors. Because each rug or carpet is made of different material, test a patch of it with your recipe to determine whether the fabric will have a negative interaction to your shampoo.

Basic Carpet Shampoo

If you do not have pets in your home, a general carpet shampoo will work well to lift daily dirt and grime. A mixture of soap flakes with boiling water and a mint essential oil creates a sudsy solution that is safe for most fabrics. If you are unhappy with the suds level, this recipe allows you the freedom to add additional soap flakes. The mint essential oil can be spearmint or wintergreen. Mint-based oil acts as a natural, mild disinfectant. Another handy aspect of this recipe is that you can add scented essential oil to create a fresh aroma throughout your home. Subtle fragrances such as vanilla or lavender will act as a natural air freshener for weeks. Work the solution into your carpet and let it dry before vacuuming. Concentrate on heavy traffic areas, but avoid soaking your floor with too much solution. You want to avoid getting extra moisture into the padding under your carpet so that you prevent mould from growing.

Heavy Cleaning Shampoo

Homemade shampoos that have vinegar in the recipe are effective for heavy soiled carpet. Recipes with vinegar work well on high-traffic areas or carpets with daily pet traffic. If your pet has access to your floors, he or she will appreciate a homemade carpet shampoo because that lacks harsh chemicals that can irritate your pet's skin and be harmful if it's too heavily inhaled. For this recipe, you will use soap flakes, rosemary essential oil, baking soda, water and vinegar. You can substitute the soap flakes in this mixture with borax. In this solution, the rosemary oil acts as a disinfectant. It will also create a subtle, fresh aroma, but you can add another scent to enhance the overall fragrance. Lavender and vanilla work well with the scent of rosemary. Apply the recipe to your carpet with a brush and work in using a circular motion. Spend additional time on matted areas and around pet beds. Let dry before you vacuum the area to remove dirt that has risen to the surface.

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